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Jules Maidoff

Usually artists are asked about their life and their work, what I'm going to do is give you a few quotes about these matters which I am taking from a series of interviews I did with Laura Castro, the Portuguese Art Historian and Educator.

"Things only have the value that we place upon them... Art is not the truth, but is a convincing lie. Even in a convincing lie you enforce the idea that art is about speculation, not about reality."

"I think that it is very important for the artist to ask, is this really mine? Is it authentically mine? Authenticity is a very difficult thing to describe, but after years of work you know your own mark, your own particular way of doing something, you know that only you could have made that exact work."

Born in New York city on May 6.

Art High School, New York city.

Studies at Art Students League – Harry Sternberg, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Reginald Marsh, John Sloan, Ben Shahn.

Cooper Union (art school) New York City – studies with Sidney Delevante.

City college of New York, New York City – studies with Bernard Meyers, Simon Lissim, Hans Jelenik

Awarded Rockefeller Study Grant, Stearns Prize and graduate teaching assistantship BSED and MFA degrees.

Fullbright grant in Painting to Florence, Italy. Group shows, Uffizi Loggia and Galleria Schneider in Rome. Meets Louis Finklestein, Lee Bontecou, Wolf Kahn, Emily Mason, Howard Konowitz, Jules Kirschenbaum

Post graduate studies at New York University, Washington Square, New York City met and was guided by Howard Conant and Esteban Vicente.

Working many one person and invitational exhibits. His work is acquired by many collectors, private and public and is reproduced on hundreds of record and book covers – Vanguard Records, Harper & Row, Artia Records, Music Corporation of America, Grove Press. His images promote many events in New York City including: Philharmonic Hall, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the Electric Circus and many other political and cultural presentations. His work for television appeared on the ABC National Network, NBC and WABD. Designs for the first network poster images for the public broadcasting FM station in New York.

Returns on visit to Italy.

First exhibit in Italy in Orvieto. Purchases house in Pian di Scò, province of Arezzo, Italy.

In June moves to Italy.

Organizes summer art classes in Pian di Scò, Italy.

One of the founders of SACI Studio Art Centers International. Appointed resident director.

Divides his time between his studios in Florence and Pian di Scò Travels widely, exhibiting frequently throughout Europe. He is a Trustee of SACI – Studio Art Centers International in Florence.

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